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High Quality Wetrooms

Wet rooms are waterproofed rooms usually equipped with a walk in shower screen, wall hung basin and wall hung toilet. Tanking is the term used for waterproofing the shower area. The wet room shower tray former will be manufactured from either glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or from a foam base material. Both will have a natural fall built into them to drain the water.

They will have a drain either small round or square like a traditional shower tray or if using larger tiles for the floor a long drain can be installed. A waterproof membrane is used to waterproof the walls and floor completely waterproofing the area.

Water proof Membrane

Typical Foam based tray wetrooms


Advantages of a Wetroom

Easier to Clean
More Attractive
Ideal for smaller rooms
Ideal for elderly or infirm
Properly installed less chance than conventional shower of leaking

Disadvantages of a Wetroom

Can be more expensive than traditional shower cubicle
Generally complete room will need tiled
Needs to be Professionally installed
If you replace bath it could make house less attractive to potential buyers.

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